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Commission info

If you want to hire me for commission work you are most likely interested in my prices and what I can do.

Here is a small list that just has some of the things I can create for you.

wood carving, jewelry, paintings, voice acting, singing, illustration, comic pages, concept art, stuffed animals, murals, NSFW art content, Graphic design, surface design, logo design, gifs, tattoo design, posters, ...

I can also recreate almost every artstyle.

I cannot give a price here as what I do is so vast.

what I can say is that I will try my best to find a price that works with YOUR BUDGET 

                                                    What to expect:

 I will ask you about everything, where the item is going, who or what is it for, and things along those lines. 

after I know as much information about what you need as I can get ill let you know if I feel confident in my ability to complete the job.

After that, we will discuss a price based on the information I gathered and the time frame and use of the item.

Then expect an informal pretty chill person that will continue to update you on my progress and ask more questions to make sure that the final product is as perfect to what you want as I can get it.

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